Ok, and what is it for?

A bot is like a virtual assistant always ready to provide information and utilities that you need when you want. It is really easy, just add isabella IM to your contacts and send it a message through WhatsApp or Telegram.


And what I can ask?

These are the commands available just right now. If you have and idea of something that could be good or fun don't hesitate to tell us!

  • help - List and describe accepted commands
  • remember (what) (hours) - It will send you a reminder in x hours
  • mail (text) - Send an email(optional) -s Subject(optional) -m Recipient
  • youtube (search) - Search videos on youtube
  • film (search) - Get information about one film
  • weather (town) - Real time weather information
  • idea - 'One million dollars' business ideas generator :)